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Adding captions in iOS
Adding captions in iOS
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Creating captions

After you've recorded your video, simply tap the Captions button and witness the magic as the app instantly generates captions into your video πŸͺ„.

Styling captions

Not only does Detail streamline the caption process, but it also empowers you to customize the appearance of your captions:

  • Drag and Drop: Move captions anywhere within your video, ensuring they don't obstruct essential content.

  • Styling Options: Choose from a range of preset styles that resonate with your branding. Further customize by selecting your desired color from a diverse palette.

  • Dynamic Animation: Capture attention by enabling caption animations, reinforcing your message with subtle movement.

Caption editing

To edit the autogenerated captions, long-press on the captions in the preview window. This will open the caption editor, showing the caption text. From here you can edit the caption text and press Done to save your changes.

Adding automatic captions in different languages

In the Settings (Library β†’ Settings) you can change the language for transcripts and captions. You can use English (default), or pick one of the languages that are available in iOS. You can add additional languages in your iOS Settings in Settings / General / Language & Region.

Languages that support Dictation (speech to text) will be listed in Settings / General / Keyboards / Dictation Languages.

After you've added a new language, it can take a few hours before the language will be available on your device and unfortunately not all languages are available.

Please send us a quick note to [email protected] if your language is not supported, to help us prioritize the support for future languages.

Read more about Dictation languages in iOS in this Apple help article:

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