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Timeline editing in iOS
Timeline editing in iOS
Updated over a week ago

The magic is that everything you record with Detail can be edited instantly. From changing layouts, to swapping out your background in a video, to cutting parts or a recording or adding another take.

Split, delete and undo

Remove a part of a clip

If you want to remove a particular part from a clip, you can split the clip into smaller segments and then delete the part you want to remove. It's a simple way to trim your video.

Make a clip shorter

To make a clip shorter, you can split it and then snip out the part you want to remove.

Undo an action

While in edit mode you can undo your actions. Once you leave edit mode it will save your new changes.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Text-based editing

Try our text-based editor to make it even easier to navigate and edit your video based on your transcript.

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