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Detail iOS 101: Create a Selfie Video
Detail iOS 101: Create a Selfie Video
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Detail, in this guide, we’ll walk you through creating a selfie talking head video using the Detail app. Whether you’re new to video creation or just looking to enhance your skills, we’ve got you covered. Watch the video to follow along with the step-by-step guide, or follow the steps below.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Opening the App

Upon opening the Detail app, if you don’t land in the view, and you're in the library, simply tap the big plus button to get started.

2. Switching Camera Views

If you can’t see yourself but can see the rear camera view, switch to the front camera by tapping the camera switch icon 🔁.

3. Using the Teleprompter

To read a script while recording, tap the teleprompter icon 💬. Copy and paste your script into the teleprompter, adjust the speed using the speedometer if needed. The teleprompter is invisible and won’t appear in the recorded video.

4. Utilizing Microphones

If you prefer to use a microphone, you can either plug it into your iPhone or use a wireless mic with Bluetooth. Check out our gear playlist on YouTube for recommended recording equipment.

5. Recording Your Video

Once you’re ready, hit the record button to start recording your selfie video. Hit it again to stop recording.

6. Enhancing Your Video

After recording, explore options to level up your video:

  • Adding Captions: Captions are free, but you can customize them by going pro. You can check out this article for more about Captions

  • Removing Silences: Open the Story Editor to remove silences and make your video snappier. Edit your video by deleting unwanted sentences or selecting only the ones you want to keep.

  • Enhancing Color & Lighting: Apply portrait filters to adjust color and lighting.

  • Changing Backgrounds: If you’re not satisfied with your background, tap Layout -> Green Screen Background switch to a different one.

7. Sharing Your Video

When you’re satisfied with your video, tap Export and save to share it with your audience. The video will save to your camera roll. From here you can also download the transcript and the audio.

8. AI Generated Copy

If you need help with copy for your posts, tap Export to open the export view and tap the AI content tab to get generated titles, captions, descriptions and hashtags.

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