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Detail iOS 101: Create a Video Podcast
Detail iOS 101: Create a Video Podcast
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How to Record and Edit Your Video Podcast Using Detail

Welcome to Detail! If you're eager to start recording and editing your video podcast, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to seamlessly create your podcast, whether you're recording locally or remotely.

Recording Your Podcast

  1. Prepare Your Equipment

    Make sure you have two iPhones with Detail installed. While external microphones aren't necessary, they can enhance the audio quality.

  2. Navigate Through Detail

    Familiarize yourself with the app interface. Open Detail to access the live video view, where you can toggle layouts and switch between cameras and lenses. The library view stores previous projects and provides Quickstart options.

  3. Choose a Recording Method

    Select "Record Together" if you're recording locally. Your iPhones will automatically detect each other, even without a Wi-Fi connection. For remote recording, use the "share link" feature to connect the devices.

  4. Start Recording

    Once connected, hit the record button. Detail will simultaneously record on both iPhones, capturing you and your guest as separate videos. Throughout the recording, you have full control to disable cameras or mute audio as needed.

Editing Your Podcast

Sync High-Quality Files

While recording, Detail creates preview files that sync in the background. Keep the app open for seamless syncing. However, you can start editing immediately, even as the high-quality files sync in the background.

Auto Edit Feature

Utilize the auto edit feature to streamline your editing process. Simply navigate to the menu and select auto edit. Assign speakers to audio tracks and let Detail automatically switch angles based on the conversation flow.

Audio Enhancement (Pro Feature)

If you're not satisfied with the audio quality, use the audio enhancement feature. Access the speaker icon and select "Enhance" to apply EQ adjustments and enhance the audio clarity.

Finalizing Your Podcast

Once editing is complete, you can share or export your video podcast directly from Detail.

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