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How to record with the teleprompter in iOS
How to record with the teleprompter in iOS
Updated over a week ago

Using the teleprompter (aka Auto Cue) in the iOS app will help you record with a script.

You can record using the teleprompter in any layout, and the script won't be visible on your recording.

How to use the teleprompter

  • To open the teleprompter, tap the the (πŸ’¬) icon, below the microphone, on the left of the recording view.

  • Paste any script into the script area by tapping on it, and tapping paste - like you would with any copy and pasting text in any other app on iPhone.

  • Your script can be edited in the app by tapping on it

  • Scroll through your script by scrolling up and down

  • You can check the speed of how fast the script will scroll as you're recording by tapping the speedometer icon on the right. Scroll up to the rabbit to increase the speed or down to the turtle to decrease the speed.

  • Tap the play button to do a practice round and see if the speed is comfortable.

  • To record, tap the record button, to stop tap it again.

  • Once you've recorded you can edit the video as you please

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