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Replace your background video in iOS
Replace your background video in iOS
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Overview of replacing a background

If you are creating a tutorial video, or a reaction video or you simply want to record yourself over an image or video, or mask your background out in Large Mask you can replace the rear camera video with a video or image.

TIP ✨ Background replacement can happen before or after recording.

How to replace your background video

Step 1. Change your layout

Make sure you're in a layout where background replace works – Small Mask, Large Mask, PiP, Grid, or 30/70.

You can learn more about Layouts and Shapes here

Step 2. Add your Background

Tap Background and choose an image or video from your Photos, or choose one of the in-app colors or virtual backgrounds.

Background Tips

  • Background videos can be paused while recording by tapping on them

  • All backgrounds can be replaced as many times as you like

  • Background videos can be trimmed before you add them, but not once they have been added.

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