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Repurposing with auto-generated content in iOS
Repurposing with auto-generated content in iOS
Updated over a week ago

With Detail for iOS you can easily repurpose content across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. Each one of these platforms has its unique requirements, from video length to hashtags and descriptions. With Detail's AI-powered solution it streamlines the content creation process and automatically generates tailored content so you don’t have to.

Highlight Clips

With Detail you can automatically create short highlight clips from your videos. Using your speech as the guide, Detail will detect the most important parts of your videos and generate shorter clips that you can share. These types of clips are perfect for everything from Instagram Reels and Stories, to YouTube Shorts.

Text suggestions

When it comes to copy, Detail will automatically generate a title, description, hashtags and captions to share your video everywhere. You’ll be presented with copy suggestions to publish with your video, or turn any video into new content to grow your audience.

Aspect ratio

Easily crop the aspect ratio of your video for horizontal (YouTube), vertical (TikTok, Instagram or YouTube shorts) or square (LinkedIN) exports to accommodate your preferred video.

Check out this article for some examples on how you can repurpose content:

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